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The House of Parliament of the Cayman Islands is a unicameral Legislature comprising 21 Members, 19 of whom are the Elected Representatives for the Islands' 19 constituencies: one each from West Bay Central, West Bay North, West Bay South, West Bay West, George Town Central, George Town East, George Town North, George Town South, George Town West, Prospect, Red Bay, Bodden Town East, Bodden Town West, Newlands, Savannah, North Side, East End, Cayman Brac East, Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman.

There are two Ex-Officio Members who are appointed by the Governor, the Deputy Governor and the Attorney-General.

The Governor may at any time, by Proclamation, prorogue or dissolve the Parliament.

The Governor shall dissolve the Parliament at the expiration of four years from the date when the Parliament first meets after any general election unless it has been sooner dissolved.

There shall be a general election at such time within two months after every dissolution of the Parliament as the Governor shall, by Proclamation, appoint.

The first meeting of every session of the House shall, by Proclamation, be held on such day as the Governor shall appoint. A session usually consists of four meetings. A Meeting comprises several sittings.

Last Updated: 2021-07-01