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Visiting while the House is in Session

CHAMBER State Opening 2007

If you visit while the House is in Session, you will be guided to the Public Gallery to view the actual proceedings of the House.

Certain decorum is required when visiting the Gallery while the House is in Session -

  • As a mark of respect visitors bow to the Speaker upon entering and leaving the Public Gallery.
  • Visitors should remain seated at all times and ensure that silence is preserved.
  • Cameras, telephones, computers, food and drinks are not permitted in the Public Gallery.
  • Notes of the proceedings may not be taken except by registered press officers in the Press Gallery.

Arranging a School Visit

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly Building

A lesson in civics will remain incomplete without a visit to the Legislative Assembly to get a firsthand look at the place where the people of Cayman exercise their powers through their elected representatives in the way the Islands are governed.

Your school teacher should liaise with the Serjeant-at-Arms and provide details of the proposed visit (the date, age of students, and class size).

Once your class arrives at the main lobby, the Serjeant-at-Arms will guide you around the public areas of the building, including the main chamber of the House. Your teacher, or a member of your class, will be invited to sign the Visitor's Book at the end of the visit.

Last Updated: 2008-04-08