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What are Government Motions?

A Government Motion is a formal proposal by a Minister/Member of Government that the Legislative Assembly take certain action. Examples of Government Motions includes annual Strategic Policy Statements, the calling of Referenda and the formal recognition of Tax Information Exchange Agreements with other jurisdictions. These can bring new business before the Legislative Assembly or consist of numerous other proposals to take procedural steps or carry out other actions relating either to a pending motion or the body itself.

A Government Motion does not require a seconder.

Pending Government Motions

Recently Passed Government Motions

Government Motion No. 1 /2019-2020

PASSED: Sixth Sitting – 5th December 2019

Amendment to the Development Plan – Proposed Rezoning

Moved by:

the the Honourable Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure.
Government Motion No. 3 /2020-2021

PASSED: Seventh Sitting– 6th December 2019

Cayman Islands Constitution (Amendment) Order 2019

Moved by:

The Premier and Minister of Employment, Border Control, Community Affairs, International Trade, Investment, Aviation, and Maritime Affairs.
Government Motion No. 2 /2020-2021

PASSED: Sixth Sitting – 5th December 2019

The Ombusman Law, 2017 (Amendment of Schedule 2) Order, 2019

Moved by:

the Honourable Attorney General, ex officio Member responsible for the Portfolio of Legal Affairs.
Government Motion No 1/ 2017 - 2018

PASSED: First Sitting - 23 August 2017

The Strategic Policy Statement for the 2018 and 2019 Financial Years

Moved by:

Hon. Alden M McLaughlin - Premier, Minister of Human Resources, Immigration and Community Affairs

Historical Government Motions Considered by the House

Government Motions 1990 to 2000 Sessions

Government Motions 2001 to 2011-12 Sessions