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The Elected member for George Town South to ask the Honourable Minister of Education, District Administration and Lands

Question No. 1 Can the Honourable Minister state how the Ministry of Education will be supporting schools to ensure that they monitor and enhance the use of technology, to support great teaching in real world classroom situations?

Answer: To support schools and enhance the use of technology to support great teaching in real world classroom situations the following will be utilized: 1.) A plethora of software to support the curriculum is available for teachers and students use in instructional provision 2.) Key Performance Indicators (KPIís) established by the Ministry and Department of Education Services will be analysed monthly which will monitor the use for teaching and learning of the devices provided by students and teachers. This analysis will form the basis of discussion with school leaders 3.) ICT Administrators are assigned to each government school to provide technical support during the school day and a Helpdesk System will be in place to provide support after school hours for the 2021-2022 school year. 4.) Software has been purchased to support enhanced cyber security in addition to security measures currently in place to prevent any misuse by accessing unauthorized sites 5.) Anti-theft software is installed on each device which will ensure the successful recovery of devices in case of theft.

The Elected Member for George Town South to ask the Honourable Minister of Education, District Administration and Lands

Questions No. 2 Can the Honourable Minister provide an update on the Ministry of Educationís digital strategy to facilitate distance learning for students and can the Honourable Minister commit to a timeline for its implementation?

Answer: 1.)Distance learning is implemented in instances where there is disruption to in person educational instruction. This may be due to natural disasters (Hurricane or Earthquake), pandemics, other emergencies (fire or flooding) or personal circumstances of staff or students which make in-person instruction impossible (illness/quarantine). 2.) The Ministry of Educationís Digital Strategy is multi-faceted and includes the following: - Policy/Strategy and Guidance Documents: The Distance Learning Policy, ICT and Computing Strategy as well as the Acceptable Use Policy have all been drafted and are going through consultation with stakeholders. Further guidance will be provided to parents through a document titled Device for Students Guide, which will be reviewed for approval by July 30, 2021. All documents are expected to be finalized and fully implemented in the upcoming school year. Many areas of good practice have already been implemented throughout the current school year; however the policy and strategy documents combine these practices into cohesive guidance for school use. - Resources: Computing devices, including laptops and iPads for students have been imaged and distributed throughout Government schools for the one to one student laptop initiative that I introduced. This will ensure that every student has access to a digital device and that these are utilized for learning at school and at home. Laptops for teachers are also provided. There is ĎSmartí technology in classrooms and there has been network infrastructure up-grades in every government school. - Internet Provision: All schools have internet provision and the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education have been working with internet providers to find ways to get internet access to our students at home. Having the computing device is one critical step but we need private sector industry partnership to have internet access available to students at home. - ICT Integration: Schools have been working with Ministry and Department of Education personnel on the integration of ICT in a range of subject areas. Technology is fluid and students and teachers are utilizing technology for learning in various lessons. This is critical for students as they apply these skills to continue working when at home. - Discrete ICT and Computing Skills: There is a need to upskill students in the use of various computing devices, hardware and software. Discrete ICT and computing skills are taught at the primary and secondary levels to help student successfully navigate technology for learning. Many students are apt at using a smartphone but still require support with utilizing a laptop or Ipad. Additionally, we have seen an increase in the uptake of ICT subject areas at the secondary school level. - Professional Development for Educators: Just as additional support was provided to our students to support their successful use of technology, the same was carried out for educators. Professional Development has been provided to staff, individually as well as systemic, to enhance skills and gain proficiency with a range of devices, hardware and software. 3.) The integration of technology was a broad outcome for the Cayman Islands Government in the 2020 Strategic Policy Statement and provided continued focus by the Ministry of Education in the integration of technology in government schools. The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the extent of the digital divide in the Cayman Islands and indeed worldwide which coincided with the work being undertaken in the Ministry and Department of Education Services to advance this area.

The Elected Member for George Town North to ask the Honourable Minister of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure.

Question No. 3 Can the Hon. Minister provide an update on the Dorcy Drive upgrades?

Mr. Speaker, I am reliably informed that the Water Authority has nearly finished its pipeline replacement along Dorcy Drive between Portland Road intersection and the Brand Source store. Once complete Mr. Speaker, the NRA expects to carry out full pavement rehabilitation on Dorcy Drive/North Sound Intersection to Dorcy Drive/Owen Roberts Dr. roundabout within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

The Elected Member for George Town North to ask the Honourable Minister of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure.

Question No. 4 Can the Honourable Minister provide an update on the Godfrey Nixon Way Extension?

Mr. Speaker, I am reliably informed that the NRA installed base fill between North Church Street and Diaz Lane and carried out some works (inclusive of base fill and drains) on the large tract of land owned by the CROWN. However, Mr. Speaker, there are seven (7) parcels of land along the planned route for which land claims have not yet been settled. The NRA is unable to commence further construction until vacant possession can be obtained for the route in its entirety.