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Development and Planning Amendment Regulations 2014
Laid on the Table by Hon. Kurt Tibbetts, Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and infrastructure, on 26 November 2014
The Cinematograph (Amendment) Rules, 2013
This document refers to Government Motion No. 3/2013-14, passed by the House on 18 November 2013.
The Trade Marks (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2017
Laid on the Table by the Hon. Alden McLaughlin , Premier - Minister for Financial Services and Home Affairs

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The Insurance (Variation of Fees) Regulations,2009
Public Passenger (Amendment) Vehicle Regulations, 2008
Freedom of Information (General) Regulations 2008
Affirmed by the House 5th December 2008 (ref Government Motion No. 7/08-09).
The Traffic Law (2003 Revision)
The Traffic (Public Transport Appeals Tribunal) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007.
The Complaints Commissioner Law, 2006
The Complaints Commissioner Regulations, 2006