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A Bill is a proposal for a new law. Bills implement policies and/or address economic and social issues as they develop. A proposal is put forward to the Cabinet by the Ministry and/or Portfolio responsible for the subject.

Once approved by Cabinet, the Bill is forwarded to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by the Minister or Member of Cabinet in charge of the Bill. It is examined in accordance with Standing Orders and directed to be printed and gazetted.

Bills are printed on green paper and published in the official Gazette.

A Bill does not become a law of the Islands until -

  • The Bill has been considered and passed by the Legislative Assembly;
  • The Bill as passed by the Legislative Assembly has been assented to by the Governor of the Islands;
  • The Bill is published in the Official Gazette.

Where to buy the Laws of the Islands

The Laws of the Islands are sold in the Legislative Assembly Building.

Last Updated: 2007-08-13