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Cabinet Ministers

  • Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, JP

    Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, JP
    Electoral District: Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman

    Deputy Premier / Minister of District Administration, Tourism and Transport

  • Hon. Roy McTaggart, JP

    Hon. Roy McTaggart, JP
    Electoral District: George Town East

    Minister of Public Finance and Economic Development

  • Hon. Tara Rivers, JP

    Hon. Tara Rivers, JP
    Electoral District: West Bay South

    Minister of Financial Services and Home Affairs

  • Hon. Joseph Hew

    Hon. Joseph Hew
    Electoral District: George Town North

    Minister of Commerce, Planning, and Infrastruture

  • Hon. Dwayne Seymour, JP

    Hon. Dwayne Seymour, JP
    Electoral District: Bodden Town East

    Minister of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing

Ex-Officio Members

Government Backbench Members

  • Mr. Austin Harris

    Mr. Austin Harris
    Electoral District: Prospect

    Councillor: Human Resources, Immigration and Community Affairs

  • Mr. David Wight

    Mr. David Wight
    Electoral District: George Town West

    Councillor: Sports and Transport

Leader of the Opposition (LoO)

Official Opposition Members

  • Mr. Alva Suckoo

    Mr. Alva Suckoo
    Electoral District: Newlands

    Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Last Updated: 2019-06-13