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Youth Parliamentarians pose with their mentors.

Published 15th March 2007, 10:57am

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, CVO, lauded the Youth Parliamentarians attending a two day CPA Youth Parliament for their "very impressive" performances.

Hosting a reception with his wife, Mrs. Mariko Jack, for the 26 Youth Parliamentarians, their parents, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Members and other guests on Monday night (13 March) at Government House, His Excellency appreciated the seriousness of the youth's involvement. "You will learn a lot from this experience," he told them.

Cabinet allowing, he hoped to listen to Tuesday"s Youth Parliament deliberations which cover very important subjects, His Excellency said. Wisdom, he noted, is something young people develop quickly. They form and reveal a point of view when they talk about things of great interest to them and those who govern would find it useful to listen to them, he said before wishing them a great day again for the morrow.

Chairman of the Sub-Committee of the Cayman Islands Branch of the CPA, Mr. Alfonso Wright (George Town), commented on the youth parliamentarians' impressive ability to extemporaneously respond to previous speaker's comments during debate, a capability that deserves special attention.

Stating that he was "extremely proud" as Chairman of the youth parliamentarians' performance and "extremely happy" with the way they had handled themselves during the proceedings.

He was also especially appreciative of the way the business community had rallied around the event through sponsorships. "This is only the beginning and we would like it to continue," he said. The CPA Cayman Islands Branch hoped that by this time next year, a Youth Parliament Association with its own constitution and directors would be in place which would hold youth parliaments. "The CPA is totally behind this but we cannot do this without help from you in the future," he told the business community in the Islands.

Leader of the Opposition and local CPA Vice President, the Hon. McKeeva Bush, shakes the Youth Parliament Speaker Kimberly Robinsonís hand after presenting her with a commemorative plaque and certificate, which every participant received. Handing over the plaques and certificates to Mr. Bush is local CPA Secretary and Clerk of the LA, Ms Wendy Lauer.

Handing over the plaques and certificates to Mr. Bush is local CPA Secretary and Clerk of the LA, Ms Wendy Lauer.Each participant received a plaque and certificate signifying their attendance and participation in the CPA Second Youth Parliament from Leader of the Opposition and CPA Cayman Islands Branch Vice President, the Hon. McKeeva Bush.